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Astrology is a pseudoscience which believes your zodiac sign or birth date, will influence your disposition and future endeavors.

Astrology’s zodiac consists of twelve signs, each having boundaries of 30 degrees, which were set by the Babylonians Empire in about 1,500 B.C.. Astrology, does not take the Earth’s 25,772 year precession, into account.

Astrologers believe the Earth is fixed (geocentric) and that the Earth’s precession, a 25,772 year cycle, which affects the dates of the zodiac signs, does not exist.

Astronomy is a branch of science which studies planets and outer space.

Astronomy’s zodiac uses Astrology’s same twelve signs, plus Ophiuchus to make it thirteen, their zodiac sign’s boundary dates are set by the International Astronomical Union and are scientifically proven. Astronomy takes, the Earth’s 25,772 year precession, into account.

Astronomers believe the Earth is not fixed and goes around the sun (heliocentric) and that the earth’s precession (a 25,772 year cycle) which affects the dates of zodiac signs, exists.

Zodiac, is from the Latin word “Zodicus”, which means “circle of little animals”, it is a belt of visible stars clusters which align with the equator of Earth and it’s 8° tall and 360° wide wrapping around planet Earth, for 365 days or one year and, the day of a person’s birth, denotes their zodiac sign.

Here is a current calendar of the Astrology and Astronomy dates, as well as the Zodiacaidoz Intersections

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What is Zodiacaidoz about?

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