2021’s Zodiac Begins March 12!

Conversation heard between an Astronomer and Astrologist:

Astronomer: March 12 is the first day of Pisces and therefore the beginning of the Zodiac.

Astrologist: March 20 is the first day of Aries and therefore the beginning of the Zodiac

Astronomer: Sorry, our beloved pseudoscience Astrologist, Aries is no longer the first sign of the Zodiac, since March 21 now falls in the Pisces constellation!

Astrologist: Why is March 21 such an important date and when did it go into Pisces ?

Astronomer: March 21 is the day of the vernal equinox (or spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere) Remember the musical Hair’s song “Age of Aquarius”?

Well the word, “Age” in “Age of Aquarius” really means March 21 will start happening during the Aquarius constellation and, “Hair” and its tribal love rockers are looking forward to the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius”.

We currently are in the Age of Pisces which started in about 68 BC and will end in approximately 2,597 AD. Here is a video that explains Precession and the reason the dates of the constellations or signs change:

Astronomers take into account the Earth’s axial precession which makes which makes Astronomy’s current Pisces dates are March 12-April 18.

Astrologist: Astrologers do not take into account the Earth’s axial precession this makes Astrology’s Pisces dates stay at February 20-March 20th.

Enough of this discussion!

My Zodiacaidoz Painting Series tries to please both the Astronomer and the Astrologist by choosing a celebrity whose birthday is in the intersection date, the intersection date for Pisces is March 12-March 20 and my choice is Liza Minnelli, whose birthday is March 12.

Here is my painting for Pisces featuring Liza Minnelli

My own Pseudoscience using Science

I watch the character of my celebrity’s life, as portrayed by the media and compare it with folks I see in my own life which share their Astronomical sign, one thing I have found with the sign Pisces (March 12-April 18) is that there always seems to be two of them interacting together closely to find balance in a family or very close group.

They are the polar energies of Yin and Yang and their actions will often differ, one will be dynamic and directed (the yang tendency) and one will be more accepting and open to change (the yin tendency) and then they try to find balance.

With Pisces Liza Minnelli (birthday March12) she has a brother (birthday March 29) who is also is a Astronomical Pisces, I’m not sure of these two Pisces Yin and Yang but I’m sure Liza would not have made to be 70 years old without her brother’s presence.

Pisces, Joey Luft and his sister Liza Minnelli, in 2014, paying tribute to “The Wizard of Oz”, their mother, Judy Garland’s, most iconic film

In my family, my cousin Brett is an Astronomical Pisces with a birthday on March 30 and my brother Nick, with a birthday on April 15 is as well and here they are lighting (way back when) the candles to their birthday cake. My cousin Brett, a successful entrepreneur, has been Yin and my brother Nick, a successful teacher, has been the Yang.

Two Pisces lighting their birthday candles!

Other Well Known Astronomical Pisces who show the Yin Yang Balance:

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek show, displayed Captains trying to find balance, played by Pisceans:

Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner, born March 22) the passionate Captain and…
Captain Spock (Leonard Nimoy, birthdate March 26) the logical Captain.

The 1950’s were a very conservative time for humans and sex, however…

Hugh Hefner (born April 9) opened the 1950’s conservative sexual gates when he introduced his Playboy magazine in 1953 and then when he opened his first Playboy club in 1960…
However, feminist and writer Gloria Steinem (born March 25), showed the bad side of the Hugh’s open gates when she disguised herself as a Playboy Bunny for New York’s Playboy Club, and wrote about it in a 1963 Show Magazine article.

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