Astro Mix-Up

The “Astro” Differences:

There is a great cultural mix-up between the Astrology’s entertaining use of the Zodiac, and Astronomy’s scientific use of it, even though both words begin with “Astro”, meaning star, from the Greek word “Astron”, these are the differences:

Astrology’s Zodiac Illustrated in Medieval Times

Astrology is a form of entertainment, found in consumer newspapers, magazines and websites, which uses twelve Zodiac signs (or constellations) and the reader’s birthdate, to establish this individual’s disposition and future endeavors. Astrology’s dates for Zodiac constellations are different from Astronomy’s and incorrect because of the axial precession of the earth. You can find out more about precession, in my blogs.

Pictures of the Zodiac Constellations by ©

Astronomy is the academic science of studying stars and planets that provides true precision in the mapping of star constellations. Astronomy’s dates for the Zodiac constellations, are different from Astrology’s, and correct, because of Earth’s precession, if you wish to learn more about precession, you will find it in my blogs.

Zodiac Constellations/Signs on the Ecliptic Orbit

The word zodiac, is derived from the Roman word Zodicus, meaning “circle of little animals”, it is based on, an imaginary belt of visible stars clusters that align with the equator of the Earth. The zodiac is 8° tall and 360° wide, and it wraps around planet Earth, for a year (365 days), the day a person is born marks their zodiac sign.

The Zodiac and Me

I was fascinated as a teenager, when I first learned about the Zodiac and Astrology, and even though I did not and still don’t believe in Astrology’s Horoscopes, I loved comparing people’s disposition and their Zodiac sign, the degrees I have received are in visual arts so I decided paint the Zodiac signs, if you would like to know more about this please see: Zodiacaidoz Painting Series.