My latest painting is first, if you wish more to know more about the sign or the celebrities I have for each Zodiacaidoz Painting, click subtitle under each painting.

Capricorn Intersection: January 19-20

Dolly Parton, whose birthday is January 19, is my Capricorn celebrity, Capricorn’s symbol is that of a Seagoat (half goat, half fish).

Capricorn Painting Dolly Parton

Sagittarius Intersection: December 18-21

Jane Fonda, whose birthday is December 21, is my Sagittarius celebrity. Sagittarius’s symbol is that of a bow hunting centaur (half human, half horse). I updated this sign, by replacing Sagittarius’s horse with a bike.

Sagittarius Painting: Jane Fonda

Ophiuchus: November 30-December 17

Because her birthday is December 8 my Ophiuchus celebrity is Sinead O’Connor, the Ophiuchus’s symbol is that of a snake charmer.

Ophiuchus Painting: Sinead O’Connor

Libra/Scorpio Intersection: October 31-November 29

Joni Mitchell and Jimi Hendrix, whose birthdays are November 7 for Mitchell and November 27 for Hendrix are my Libra/Scorpio celebrities. A Scorpion symbolizes this sign and I have used the Libra constellation, because before Rome took over the ancient world, Libra’s stars actually represented the Scorpion’s claws.


October 31-November 21
November 22 to November 29

Virgo Intersection: September 16-22

Sophia Loren, whose birthday is September 20, is my Virgo celebrity. Virgo’s symbol is that of the wheat gathering virgin.


Tiktok Virgo Video

Leo Intersection: August 10-23

Madonna, whose birthday is August 16, is my Leo celebrity, Leo’s symbol is that of a Lion.


Tiktok Leo Video

Cancer Intersection: July 21-22

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, whose birthday is July 22, is my Cancer celebrity, Cancer’s symbol is that of a crab.


Tiktok Cancer Video

Gemini Intersection: June 20-21

Nicole Kidman and Edward Snowden, whose birthdays are June 20 for Kidman and June 21 for Snowden are my Gemini celebrities because Twins are the symbol for Gemini.


Tiktok Gemini Video

Taurus Intersection: May 14-21

Grace Jones, whose birthday is May 19, is my Taurus celebrity, Taurus’s symbol is that of a bull.


Tiktok Taurus Video

Aries Intersection: April 19-20

Grace Coddington, whose birthday is April 20, is my Aries celebrity, Aries symbol is that of a ram.


Tiktok Aries Video

Pisces Intersection: March 12-20

Liza Minnelli, whose birthday is March 12, is my Pisces celebrity, the symbol for Pisces is two fish caught with a string.


TikTok Pisces Video

ME AND THE ZODIAC: I began to paint the Zodiac, but my research pointed me in two directions, at odds with one other! I read whatever articles and online documents I could find,

to realize there is a cultural mix-up, between the Astrology’s entertaining use of the Zodiac, and Astronomy’s scientific use of it.

The wheel I fashioned, trying to figure our Universe out!

I have decided to combine my learnings, of the two “Astro’s”, to make an enlightening and fashiony painting series, called: Zodiacaidoz Intersection Paintings.
Each month of the modern (Gregorian) calendar, I will pick a luminary, whose birthday falls at a intersection calendar date which agrees with Astronomical (Zodiac) and Astrological (Caidoz) dates. I will paint this celebrity, using fashion and body language, to portrays their intersectional Zodiac sign.

However, there are some exceptions!
You will see on the calendar, in October, that Libra and Scorpio are combined. This is because of an ancient story, of which, I will tell at that time.
On the calendar as well, in November and December, no intersection occurs because, Ophiuchus, a constellation of which Caidoz (Astrology) has never had, occurs in Zodiac (Astronomy). I decided to rely on my artistic impulse, which has driven me, to paint the Ophiuchus, which you will see at that time.

I will paint this celebrity, using fashion, body language and their expression to portray their Intersectional Zodiac sign.

To check on my progress check my blogs

Thanks So Much!

My personal thanks to Matt Forsberg, who thought of the name Zodiacaidoz, which, if you didn’t get it, is Zodiac front-words and back-words. Once upon a time, Matt was my fellow graphic design student, but now a hot web designer at Electric Medialand.
I could not do this series, without another fellow graphic design student, my husband, Brent Belzac, who is my best supporter but also a valuable critic; and who can be thankful without thanking of one’s parents, Pam and Grant, thank you for showing me, with your business BeaverTails and marriage, how to make dreams come true and as dad says, “time in equals product out”!

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