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Yay! My cast is completely off and now it’s just a sore weakened thumb that needs to make friends with a paintbrush again…something to look forward to, and formally, something I took for granted! Also, F.Y.I., since I am making technical changes (switching from the GoDaddy to the WordPress platform) there will be no blog for Friday, March 8, but after that, there will be a blog pattern change which starts, Friday, March 15:

Blog Changes this Month

The new blog, will display a famous person’s birthday, from Saturday to Friday, however, on March 15 the birthdays will start on Tuesday, March 12, because that is when the Zodiac’s* dawns into the Pisces sign. As well as posting the famous person for each day, the birthdays will also include:

  • their Zodiac* (science) sign;
  • their Cadioz* (entertainment) sign;
  • a description with Wikipedia link and why they are famous;
  • A quote from this celebrated person.

This will be repeated for each day of the year, until March 11, 2020.

Zodiac/Caidoz Video:

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