Canceranian Entry

Even if my computer spell check doesn’t recognize the word “Canceranian”; I’m using it! It came to me from my “Crabby Gemini” friend, who called herself a Canceranian, when in fact, she was a Gemini.

Cancer Constellation July 21-August 9

Cancer’s constellation is quite small, but when I studied Canceranian people (July 21-August 9), it seemed that if a Canceranian evolves in their spirituality and have a good family life, they can live way into old age but, if they hit a rough patch, lose faith and their family situation is delicate, it could be dangerous to their life.

Cancer Intersection Painting, July 22, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Cancer Intersection, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Birthday July 22
Matriarch Rose smiles, despite her life’s tragedies!

The stellar Kennedy family, was headed by the matriarch, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. She lived through her nine children’s triumphs and tragedies and died at the age of 104. In the 1920’s Rose married the up and coming Joseph Kennedy and they had nine children. Rose was a very spiritual person and in 1951, Pope Pius XII made her the pontifical countess of the of the Roman Catholic church. She survived the death of four children, so one can see how she needed her faith, in World War II, her oldest son Joe, died in battle, In 1948, her second daughter, Kathleen died in a plane crash, in 1963, her son, John, who at the time was the United States President was murdered and in 1968, her other son, Robert, was killed while trying to become President. Rose’s husband, Joe, died a year after his son Robert died, but Rose went on to the age of 104 to look after her family, talk about a stellar matriarch!

Other Cancer Intersections, July 21, Cat Stevens, Robin Williams and Ernest Hemingway

Two, out of these three Cancer Intersections, Robin Williams and Ernest Hemingway, took their own lives because both men hit a rough patch. Robin lost control of his body after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and he hung himself, Ernest, lost his mind and memory when, in the 1940’s, he was given too many electroshock treatments to battle his depression, and he shot himself. It is probable, that each man’s family situation did not help either, Robin was married to his third wife and Ernest was with his fourth wife, and both men’s wives were not the mothers of their children, which were with their former wives or grown up.

The third person of this trio, rock star, Cat Stevens, chose Islam as his religion in 1977 and changed his name to Jusuf Islam, he married an Islamic woman, Fauzia and they had one son and four daughters. In 1979 he gave up performing and music for almost thirty years, but recently he is making music and performing again, below is a recent picture of Cat/Jusuf with his wife and children.

Cat Stevens/Jusuf Islam with his wife and children

“Leonine Cancers”, July 23-August 9

Lion & Crab Image by Mikekoubou

People who have birthdays from July 23-August 9 and follow horoscopes or Caidoz, feel they are the the fire sign Leos, but in fact are the water sign Cancer, so I call them “Leonine Cancers”, here are some of my favorite people, as well as famous ones, who are Leonine Cancers:

July 23: My Cousin, Eli, the stay at home dad and July 31: Cairo, their son!

Beautiful Eli and Cairo

July 26: Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger, Matriarch of the ‘Stones?

July 27: Sylvie, my neighbour and workout partner

Sylvie biking at Kingdom trails with me!

July 28: Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s, daughter-in-law

Jacqueline with her husband John Kennedy who was this month painting subject, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s, late son

August 3: Mimi, my late grandma, who, like Rose, was a stellar matriarch.

My wonderful grandmother, Sister Mimi, who was a pastor’s wife and knew Jesus on a first name basis!

August 4: Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, who lived to be 102, yet another supreme matriarch.

The “Queen Mum”

A Leonine Cancer Kismet

As said before, Cancers seem to be family oriented sign, and there are three Leonine Cancers who were part of the hit show “All in the Family” (1971-1979), this show was an important show, because, as Wikipedia states, it revolved around the life of a working-class father and his family and broke ground in issues such as racism, antisemitism, infidelity, homosexuality, women’s liberation, rape, religion, miscarriages, abortion and the Vietnam War, the Leonine Cancers that were part of this show were:

July 27: Norman Lear, producer and writer “All in the Family”

Norman Lear, in center holding picture, with the “All in the Family” cast
Carroll o’Connor, in the back, who played father Archie with Sally Struthers, in the front, who played his daughter Gloria in the show All in the Family (1971-1979)

July 28: Sally Struthers, Actress who played Gloria, the daughter, in “All in the Family”

August 2: Caroll O’Connor, Actor who played Archie, the father, in “All in the Family”


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