August 2021 Calendar

I don’t think anybody notices the calendars I’m posting but being an artist, I keep doing them! Download this calendar to see your Leo friends or family are actually Cancer or if you have a bossy Virgo who is actually a Leo!

July 2021 Calendar

I am getting close to finishing my Zodiacaidoz painting series and now wish to make a current calendar of Zodiacaidoz’s twelve signs. Each month on my Facebook site I post a current calendar (as you can download below) in my Facebook website for my followers to print. Interestingly enough many of my followers are from… Continue reading July 2021 Calendar

My April Calendar

Below you can print out the April 2021 Calendar which features the two zodiacs of Astrology (pseudoscience) and Astronomy (science) and the celebrity that I feature is Grace Coddington whose birthday (April 20th) falls on the intersection time in April.

2021’s Zodiac Begins March 12!

Conversation heard between an Astronomer and Astrologist: Astronomer: March 12 is the first day of Pisces and therefore the beginning of the Zodiac. Astrologist: March 20 is the first day of Aries and therefore the beginning of the Zodiac Astronomer: Sorry, our beloved pseudoscience Astrologist, Aries is no longer the first sign of the Zodiac,… Continue reading 2021’s Zodiac Begins March 12!

Scorpio Addendum

No blog since November 29? My apologies! So many things have been happening, the snow came early to Chelsea and my seasonal job started early at Camp Fortune ski hill, right behind that, our west coast family visited us for Christmas!As well, I’m still thinking (obsessing?) about my latest Zodiacaidoz piece, and decided there was… Continue reading Scorpio Addendum

My Scorpio Intersection: Chelae (Claws of Scorpion) and Scorpius

In Astrology Scorpio’s are difficult, to give you an idea, here is a quote: This difficulty extended when I looked for a Scorpio intersection, since Astronomy (science) calls this sign Scorpius (Latin for scorpion) while Astrology (marketplace horoscopes) call it Scorpio, as well, Astronomer’s Scorpius lasts for seven days (November 23-29) while Astrologer’s Scorpio lasts… Continue reading My Scorpio Intersection: Chelae (Claws of Scorpion) and Scorpius