Sophia the Virgo

Virgo’s is the second largest constellation in the entire sky and the largest constellation in the Zodiac! I am not sure how this happened, but the originators of this sign, felt it looks like a maiden picking wheat and because Virgo also means virgin in Latin, there’s even more information about this star-bound girl that… Continue reading Sophia the Virgo

Madonna the Leo

Leo’s constellation which happens from August 10 to September 15, is the fourth biggest in the Zodiac and Leo’s stars look like a lion! To study Leos is to study confidence. My friend, who is a Leo (born August 13), was a model in Milan in the 1980’s. I found this exciting and asked her… Continue reading Madonna the Leo

Canceranian Entry

Even if my computer spell check doesn’t recognize the word “Canceranian”; I’m using it! It came to me from my “Crabby Gemini” friend, who called herself a Canceranian, when in fact, she was a Gemini. Cancer’s constellation is quite small, but when I studied Canceranian people (July 21-August 9), it seemed that if a Canceranian… Continue reading Canceranian Entry

The Gemini Intersection Painting, June Solstice and “Crabby Geminis”!

June 20, Nicole Kidman, Gemini Intersection Painting Gemini is an air sign and people of the air element are about intellect and communication, and this is why in my painting, Nicole is blowing bubbles. One intellectual game played, is that of the Hollywood game, but when you look at Nicole Kidman’s career as an actor… Continue reading The Gemini Intersection Painting, June Solstice and “Crabby Geminis”!

Aries/Taurus Moves into the Taurus Intersection

May 11, Martha Graham May 12, Florence Nightingale Can you guess who it is? Yes, it’s Audrey Hepburn (Born May 4)! So, goodbye fiery Aries and hello tireless Taurus! May 14, Mark Zuckerberg May 15, Madeline Albright May 16, Billy Martin (Originally Alfred Manuel Martin Jr.) May 17, Enya (Originally Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin)

Aries Intersection Painting + Aries/Taurus Impression

Cadioz (Astrology), starts its horoscopes with Aries, and in some ways I feel like I’m really starting my painting series, check out Zodiacaidoz Intersection Art Series to see what I talking about! April Intersectional Painting The celebrity I have picked who has a intersectional birthday, on April 20, is Grace Coddington. In the 1960’s, she… Continue reading Aries Intersection Painting + Aries/Taurus Impression