Pisces/Virgo Axis and More Kismets!

April 6, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) Zodiac sign: Pisces, Caidoz sign: Aries Richard Alpert was a Harvard psychology professor, who established The Harvard Psilocybin Project with associate professor, Timothy Leary, but both were dismissed in 1963, for giving hallucinogenic drugs to themselves and students. The fired professors, then set up a communal group, that used… Continue reading Pisces/Virgo Axis and More Kismets!

Friday, March 22, Equinox Time!

Just starting to see my Zodiacadioz Painting!

Welcome to my Zodiacaidoz Friday Blog! On March 20 of this week, the spring equinox occurred in the northern hemisphere, as the southern hemisphere came into its fall equinox, these bi-annual equinoxes happen when the sun shines evenly, for twelve hours, on both hemisphere. As you can see by my above painting and my homepage… Continue reading Friday, March 22, Equinox Time!

Blog Pattern Change

Yay! My cast is completely off and now it’s just a sore weakened thumb that needs to make friends with a paintbrush again…something to look forward to, and formally, something I took for granted! Also, F.Y.I., since I am making technical changes (switching from the GoDaddy to the WordPress platform) there will be no blog… Continue reading Blog Pattern Change

Blogging on a Train

With a glass of white wine in my hand, my Friday blog is being done on a VIA train from Toronto to Ottawa. “Hey,” you might say, “why were you in Toronto? Well, I decided to learn more about “Wordpress” so I could make a better Zodiacaidoz website. Little did I know, however, that teachers… Continue reading Blogging on a Train

Zodiacaidoz Video

I sure like hearing from you readers, in fact, I will be going to Toronto this week, to take a web design course, so I can learn how to have a forum, on my blog and automatically read comments, like the one my Aunt Lani and Uncle Lee from Killaloe, Ontario sent to my personal… Continue reading Zodiacaidoz Video

Smallpox and Astrology

Smallpox and Astrology I am really hoping this is the last blog, I will write with my cast-it’s getting old! Susan asked how my studio’s doing, and even though I haven’t put a lock on the door handle, I cleaned it and found my lost long glasses, and as well, our teenager now has a… Continue reading Smallpox and Astrology

The Age of Aquarius

Here is the precession wheel again, with the pole star to jog your memory! The human pole star points to our present day, which is the “age of Pisces”, and the age of Aquarius will be here in 2,597. Now, what will the Age of Aquarius, be like? Will it be as the musical “Hair”… Continue reading The Age of Aquarius