Artist, Lisa Hooker’s, Biography

Early 1980’s: My parents started a pastry business, in Ottawa, Canada, called BeaverTails. Here is my brother and myself, making the pastry!

NEW YORK CITY, late 1980’s: I left Ottawa, Canada and BeaverTails in 1986, to study art in New York City. After graduation, I worked for two years in the Art department, of Guideposts Magazine.

1990’s, MY OWN FAMILY: The ’90’s came, and I missed Canada and nature so much, I moved back to Ottawa, where I studied Graphic Design at Algonquin College, here I met Brent, my husband and the father of our teenage son, Riley!

Will you follow me, as I work on my Zodiacaidoz Intersection Painting series to complete a Zodiacaidoz Calendar?

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