Digesting Precession

My Virgo husband has told me, to be less personal with my blog, but I do want to thank: good cousin Brett, Natasha, Larry and Sue for joining my blog, it is so nice to have an audience!

My broken thumb was put into a much more flexible splint yesterday, so now I can focus on the Zodiac! Astronomy and Astrology Zodiac dates are different because of the Earth’s precessional orbit, this counter-clockwise orbit is so slow that when one looks at it, Jesus was born yesterday (as year 0)! Precession was discovered by observing pole stars. Do you know what pole stars are?

No, it not that kind of pole star!

The pole is the Earth’s Axis which rises out of the north and south poles and, sometimes these poles are in direct alignment with a star. In 2,000 AD, the northern hemisphere has the star, Polaris, directly above the north pole, to show star gazers the way north, but in 3,000 BC, Babylonian astronomers,recorded Thuban, as the pole star. The Precessional orbit moves 1% every 72 years (the average human life expectancy in Guatemala) and lasts approximately 25,772 years, in this illustration, you can also see the future and past of this cycle. Later on, I will explain why this very slow orbit of our planet, affects the Zodiac, but for right now, I want you to digest the idea of precession!P.S. Look how smart I’m making you, my computer counts, Precession as a spelling mistake, because it doesn’t know what it is!

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