The Gemini Intersection Painting, June Solstice and “Crabby Geminis”!

Gemini Intersection (June 20-21)
Nicole Kidman, Birthday, June 20 and Edward Snowden, Birthday, June 21

June 20, Nicole Kidman, Gemini Intersection Painting

Gemini is an air sign and people of the air element are about intellect and communication, and this is why in my painting, Nicole is blowing bubbles.

One intellectual game played, is that of the Hollywood game, but when you look at Nicole Kidman’s career as an actor in Hollywood, you can see how well, she played that game:

Nicole Kidman (left) and Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder (1990)

In 1990, Nicole came to Hollywood from Australia, to star with Tom Cruise (who is a crabby Gemini, something I write about later) in “Days of Thunder”, in real life, they fell in love and were married by the end of 1990. Eleven years went by and Tom filed for divorce, instead of bleating and crying, Nicole continued her career as an actress and won an Oscar as the best actress in 2002, for the movie The Hours (2002), something Tom himself has not won and would love to, in 2006 and 2018 Nicole was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman with her Oscar, in 2002

June 21, Edward Snowden, Gemini Intersection Painting

Edward Snowden

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plays an even more intellectual game, and yet Edward Weston, Nicole’s “twin” in my painting, snuck out highly classified information, from the National Security Agency (NSA), when he was a CIA employee. His disclosures made world leaders and the general public think more about national security and individual privacy, and even though the United States, would send him to jail for over thirty years, some people think Edward’s a hero and in 2013 he became an exile in Russia.

I don’t know if you won that intellectual game, Mr. Snowden!

June Solstice, this Month’s Sun Season!

On June 21, the June Solstice happens! In the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice occurs with the longest day of the year and in the Southern Hemisphere, winter solstice occurs with the shortest day of the year.

June 22-July 20, Crabby Geminis: Cancer/Gemini

Crabby Geminis fighting!

People who have birthdays from June 22 to July 20 , think they are the Water Sign, Cancer, but in fact they are the Air Sign, Gemini. This is due to the fact of the Earth’s 26,000 year precession cycle, which changes the way we see the stars from June 22 to July 20.

How the Earth’s Precession, changes how we see the Zodiac Stars

Here are some of my favorite people as well as famous ones, who are Crabby Geminis!

By the way, some these people became crabby, when they found out they may be Geminis!

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