It’s Friday! Is anyone watching?

Art Battle

Well, I’ve survived a week with this cast, but boy is it heavy as I type this blog!

Artbattlers, Mom and Me

This week my mother, Pam, and I went to an Art Battle, each round had three canvases with two artists on each, with no references and only their imagination. They have thirty minutes to finish their painting and the audience votes for the winning painting with iPhones. There were two rounds, with two winning paintings, the third round had the two winners square off, to compete for the winning painting.

The Winning Birdwatching Artists

The birdwatching artists won the crowds heart with their painting, and my mother’s as well, who bought the painting!

Dancing with my Cast!

Now, onto my site, which I’ve been working harder than Long John Silver on! January 19, in Zodiac land, is the first day of Capricorn as can be seen on my home page and new calendar in “Astro Mix-Up”. January 31 is my birthday, making me a Capricorn (in Zodiac land), so I will end with a picture of me (and my cast) dancing at the Art Battle!

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