It’s Friday, should I make it my blogging day?

Hello,This is my first blog and I have five minutes before I must go! My good friend Sonia is coming with my goddaughter and her sister, and the dishwasher needs to be unloaded.All I am trying to do, is to be a successful artistic mom and wife, and I ask you to come along.LATER-So get this, I spent $150.00 and four hours yesterday trying to video tape what I’m doing to get my twelve paintings done! This is basically what I said:I need to clean my studio and;I bought a lock because I am trying to keep the teenagers out of my studio, since Riley and Freddy played games in it and made it twice the mess.Today, I tried to put the lock on my door and it doesn’t fit! ACK! My dearest husband has been called, and I hope by next Friday, the lock will be on the door! Currently, I have thirty seconds to finish this, whereupon I will get into my the car and to go to my job, at Camp Fortune ski hill.Sincerely-Lisa H.

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