Madonna the Leo

Leo’s constellation which happens from August 10 to September 15, is the fourth biggest in the Zodiac and Leo’s stars look like a lion!

Leo’s Constellation, August 10-September 15

To study Leos is to study confidence. My friend, who is a Leo (born August 13), was a model in Milan in the 1980’s. I found this exciting and asked her if she got into the VIP section at discos, where all the celebrities were.

“Well,” said my very confident Leoness friend, “I was a celebrity!”. Enough said!

Leo Intersection Painting, August 16, Madonna (Louise Ciccone)

My Leo intersection subject was not hard to decide on, whether you like her or not, Madonna, who is the highest grossing solo touring artist of all time, is a force of our culture and time. With her rule-breaking style in her songs, videos, and personal fashion, this woman changed the way we perceive women and their relationship with the world.

Leo Painting: Madonna, Birthday August 16

Other Leo Intersections, August 10-23, See How they Roar!

August 11: Hulk Hogan, the star of the 1980’s wrestling boom!

August 13: Fidel Castro, Revolutionary Prime Minister of Cuba for 49 years, my Leoness friend, model and published writer, Mari.

August 15: Napoleon, French Emperor and conqueror for ten years.

Emperor Napoleon

August 17: Robert De Niro, two-time Academy Award winning actor and Sean Penn, one of Madonna’s ex-husbands, also a two-time Academy Award winner!

August 19: Coco Chanel, Leoness designer who changed the way women dressed in the 1920’s for good!

August 20: Robert Plant, lead singer of rock band Led Zepplin and “The God of Rock and Roll”.

Lion-like Robert Plant!

Lammas, this Month’s Sun Season!

On August 1, Lammas, a cross-quarter of the sun happens! In the Northern Hemisphere the night is getting longer, but the garden is ready to be harvested, in medieval times it was called Lammas, or “First Harvest Day”. In the Southern Hemisphere, the nights are getting shorter and in medieval times it was called Imbolc because spring is starting to make an appearance!

Virginal Leos August 24-September 15

People who have birthdays from August 25 to September 15 and follow marketplace horoscopes, feel they are the the earth sign Virgo, but in fact are the fire sign Leo, so I call them “Virginal Leo’s”, here are some of my favorite people, as well as famous ones, who are Virginal Leo’s:

Friends and Family who are Virginal Leos

Grant, BeaverTail King and my Father, Matt my fellow designer and friend and my ex-bosses, Larry and Dago, who were Art Directors at Guideposts magazine in the 1980’s.

My father, Grant (left) with a big part of his pride, my mother, Pam!

Famous Virginal Leo’s

August 27: Mother Teresa, Nobel Peace Prize Winning Missionary to India

Mother Teresa

August 29: Michael Jackson, “King of Pop” and one of the best-selling music artists of all time!

September 3: Charlie Sheen, who actually said,”…I’ve got tiger blood, man.”. This video shows a Leo going crazy but he has survived!

September 5: Louis XIV, France’s “Sun King” for 72 years (1638-1715)!

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