My Scorpio Intersection: Chelae (Claws of Scorpion) and Scorpius

In Astrology Scorpio’s are difficult, to give you an idea, here is a quote:

This difficulty extended when I looked for a Scorpio intersection, since Astronomy (science) calls this sign Scorpius (Latin for scorpion) while Astrology (marketplace horoscopes) call it Scorpio, as well, Astronomer’s Scorpius lasts for seven days (November 23-29) while Astrologer’s Scorpio lasts thirty days from October 23-November 21.

In my research I also found the previous sign before Scorpio, Libra, used to be part of Scorpio, as can be seen in the illustration below, but in about 100 A.D. the Romans changed the “Claws of the Scorpion” or as the Greek’s called them “Chelae” to the Roman’s weight measurement of Libra, for more information about the Roman’s change see this article.

Libra and Scorpius on the Zodiac’s Ecliptic Orbit (left) “Chelae” (Claws of the Scorpio) as it existed before it was Rome’s Libra sign (right)

Scorpio’s Intersection:

In order to make my Scorpio Intersection I decided to use the Astronomer’s dates for Libra, October 31-November 22 and turn it back into the “Claws of the Scorpio”, and combine it with our present-day Astronomy’s Scorpius (November 23-29):

Scorpio Intersection Painting, Joni Mitchell (November 7) and Jimi Hendrix (November 27):

Chlelae (Claws of Scorpio) and Scorpius Intersection Painting: Joni Mitchell and Jimi Hendrix

Two of Rolling Stone magazine’s “guitar gods” are my muses for the Scorpio sign: Joni Mitchell is “Chelae” the “Claws of the Scorpio”, a.k.a. Libra, with her birthday on November 7 and Jimi Hendrix is Scorpius, with his birthday on November 27. There are no pictures of Joni and Jimi together, but in my research, I found a story of Joni and Jimi meeting near where I live, in Ottawa, Ontario in the 1960’s.

Other “Chelae” or “Claws of Scorpions”, October 31-November 21

Horoscope believers who have birthdays from October 31-November 21 feel they are the water sign Scorpio and due to my yesteryear thinking, they are still Scorpios as in the “Claws of the Scorpion”

November 3: American Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, doing her work, on a fashion runway

November 4: “Bad Boy” Artist Robert Mapplethorpe

A tame self-portrait of artist photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe, who took sexual images that were sometimes illegal

November 5: Actress Vivien Leigh who played Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939) incidentally Margaret Mitchell, the writer of Gone with the Wind, is the same sign, being born on November 8.

November 7: Nobel Peace Prize winner, Marie Curie

Marie Curie whose discovery of radiation, with her husband, killed them both!

November 12: Cult leader, Charles Manson, guitarist and songwriter Neil Young, and Actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly

November 13: Entrepreneur and friend, Lissa Constantine, here because I always told her I would show her how she stayed a Scorpio!

November 14: Prince Charles

A very bonny Prince Charles

November 17: Actor, Rock Hudson

Rock was a 1950’s heterosexual sex symbol, but in the 1980’s he became a brave victim of the AID’s virus and died of it in 1985

November 21: Violinist friend, Rachel

When I was a teenager, Rachel introduced me to the Zodiac!

A Weird Day

November 22

People who believe in marketplace horoscopes and have November 22 birthdays feel they are the fire sign Sagittarius, but in fact are still the “Claws of the Scorpio”, such a person is professional tennis player, Billie Jean King, who helped women worldwide, by beating 1940’s tennis champ Bobbie Riggs in the 1973 “Battle of the Sexes”.

Another November 22 Birthday person is Charles de Gaulle who was a key member of the French Resistance against the Nazi’s in WWII and France’s Prime Minister from 1959 to 1969.

“Centaur Scorpius” November 23-November 29

People who believe in marketplace horoscopes and have birthdays from November 23 to October 29 feel they are the fire sign Sagittarius, but in fact are the water sign Scorpius so I call them “Centaur Scorpius”, here are some famous people, friends and family who are “Centaur Scorpius”:

November 23: Actor, Boris Karloff and comedian Harpo Marx

November 24: My beautiful mother, Pam

One great woman, Pam!

What are the Chances?

Scorpius’s Dates last only Seven Days

But both of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s two children are Scorpius’s: J.F.K. Jr.’s birthday is November 25 and Caroline Kennedy’s is November 27!

Samhain or Halloween, This Month’s Sun Season

Funny that Scorpio should start October 31st because it is also the same day that the cross-quarter called Samhain occurs, although present-day folks call it Halloween. In the Northern Hemisphere this day marks when the night starts becoming longer than the day and in the Southern Hemisphere, it marks when daylight is getting longer than the night.


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