Scorpio Addendum

No blog since November 29?

My apologies!

So many things have been happening, the snow came early to Chelsea and my seasonal job started early at Camp Fortune ski hill, right behind that, our west coast family visited us for Christmas!
As well, I’m still thinking (obsessing?) about my latest Zodiacaidoz piece, and decided there was more to add.
Years ago, I came up with unifying Libra (Chelae) and Scorpio to make it as one, as it was in ancient times, but I finally got it put down on paper!

Libra (Chelae)/Scorpio with their star constellations

You will notice I added the Zodiac stars of Libra (Chelae) and Scorpio to the painting. The red star is Scorpio’s “Antares”, the heart of the Scorpion, Antares is a distinctly red star to the naked eye and was one of Persian Royal Stars that signaled the the autumn equinox. To find out more about this equinox see “Samhain or Halloween, This Month’s Sun Season” at the end of the last blog.

At our neighbourhood’s New Year’s party this year I saw Joanne, who let me know she enjoys reading my blog, Thanks so much Joanne! I now also have more than a hundred friends who like my Facebook site and almost half of them are from India, I’m thinking it might have to something with the sidereal Zodiac? If you look at this Table of Dates, you will see that Sidereal’s Dates are very close to Scientist’s IAU Boundaries, of which I base my series on!

One more interesting thing I would like to add to this “add”endum!

When I was forty, I put a tattoo design of the zodiac glyphs on my right wrist. The other day, as I was working with the ovens at Camp Fortune kitchen, I accidentally burnt the Libra glyph on my skin! Hmmm, what’s up with that? Is Libra the sign I changed, mad at me or something?

Burning Libra?

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