Taurus Intersection Painting and “Twin Bull” People

Here is my Taurus Intersection Painting, for more info about my subject, check out last week’s Grace Jones Article.

Taurus Intersection (May 14-May 21) Grace Jones, Birthday, May 19

May 22-June 19, Twin Bull’s:Gemini/Taurus

Gemini (Twins)/Taurus (Bulls)

People who have birthdays from May 22 to June 19, think they are the Air Sign, Gemini, but in fact are the Earth Sign, Taurus. This is due to the fact of the Earth’s 26,000 year precession cycle, which changes the way we see the stars from May 22-June 19.

You can see more from this sketch:

How the Earth’s Precession, changes how we see the Zodiac Stars

Here are some of my favorite people as well as famous ones, who are Twin Bulls!

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