Before I Start my 8th Zodiac Painting!

My Seven Zodiac Paintings

My first seven zodiac paintings feature the signs of celebrities, whose birthdays occur when the science of Astronomy and the marketplace’s Astrology agree, I call this, an intersection.

For example, my choice for the Virgo celebrity was Sophia Loren, her birthday occurs on September 20, here are Virgo’s difference in dates between Astronomy and Astrology and the dates they agree to make an intersection.

SignAstronomy’s Constellation
Dates (I.A.U.)*
Astrology’s Constellation
Dates (A.F.A.)**
Intersection Dates
VirgoSeptember 16-October 30August 23-September 22September 16-22

*International Astronomer’s Union **American Federation of Astrologers

For my eighth zodiac painting, Libra however I will be painting a different type of intersection, it happens when the scientific/Astronomical zodiac dates for Libra (October 31-November 22) and Scorpio (November 23-29) intersect with pre-Roman empire that these two were one: Claws of the Scorpion (Chelae) and the Scorpio.

Even Ptolemy, the second century Astronomer, who is the godfather of zodiac signs, mentions claws (Chelae) in his  book Tetrabiblos in which the book’s translator states, Chelae:”Claws of the Scorpion” (which) was the earlier name of Libra…(which) came into general use in the first century before Christ.”

Here is an illustration of the current Scorpio and Libra as we know them today
Pre-Roman Scorpio with its claws (Chelae)

Here is picture of the 8th Zodiac Sign which Scorpio with its Claws (Chelae).

So, my painting will be two Astronomical signs (Libra and Scorpio) that become one (Claws of the Scorpion and Scorpio). My Libra or Claws of the Scorpion (Chelae) will be Joni Mitchell (birthday, November 7) and my Scorpio will be Jimi Hendrix (birthday, November 27).

Both these celebrities are “guitar gods”, according to Rolling Stone magazine and here are Joni and Jimi “at work”:

Not only is Joni a “guitar god”, Rolling Stone also calls her “one of the best songwriters ever”, here is her 2008 performance of her song “Woodstock”, about the 1969 Festival.

This is Jimi Hendrix, at the 1969 Woodstock festival, doing his electric guitar rendition of U.S.A.’s anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner”. His improvisational piece marked the darkness of the Anti-War movement which faced his county at that time, fifty years later, it is still considered a masterpiece!

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