Zodiacaidoz Video

I sure like hearing from you readers, in fact, I will be going to Toronto this week, to take a web design course, so I can learn how to have a forum, on my blog and automatically read comments, like the one my Aunt Lani and Uncle Lee from Killaloe, Ontario sent to my personal email:

“I’m not getting it. Is it that astrology causes small pox. And why is the poor woman wearing a bathing cap. Uno L”They are right, the “metaphor mobile” I took on my last blog, was a bit far! However, please realize that Astrology’s outdated 1,800-year-old beliefs, that people still cling to makes me mad! A 2014 Science and Technology quiz found that 58% of Americans between the ages of 18-24 believe that Astrology is scientific! Aaaack!So, in order to grasp my series, there are just two words to learn: Zodiac and Caidoz and you find a little video these words, in the calendar/Astro Mix-up page.


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